New Bible Study – Hebrews

This week we’ll most likely be kicking off the first week of real content in the hebrewsONLINE Bible study at Schweitzer. The introduction was posted last week, but nobody could sign up until Thursday so we may let the intro sit for a second week. This study is a real experiment for us. First, it’s completely online – we’ll be posting a short teaching video each week and doing discussion in a forum. Second, it’s the first Bible study I’ve written that has a main audience of adults. I wrote a couple back when I was doing youth ministry, but a weekly walk through Hebrews targetted at adults is a different beast.

My retreat to Assumption Abbey last week was part of the kick-off. I shot the segments for the introduction and Hebrews 1 and got Hebrews 2-3 scripted and Hebrews 4 researched.  

I’m really excited about the possibility of building a community within this study that is made up of people both at Schweitzer and those that aren’t (or are loosely affiliated with Schweitzer). The study is open to anybody and expanding our discipleship efforts to those who might not walk into our building is one of the major goals.