Paella & Croquettes

Last Saturday Sarah and I were searching for something to eat for dinner and I decided that in honor of San Fermin we should eat paella – albeit without seafood. We made a simple paella with tomatoes, red pepper, garlic, onion and chicken. The rice was cooked using chicken broth with a shrimp boullioin cube mixed into it. I have to say that I really like the flavor shrimp stock adds to the paella, but I don’t really like the texture of shrimp – so this was a good solution. The lack of seafood made eating leftovers much easier too as shellfish never reheats well.

Sunday I wanted to continue the Spanish theme and so I made croquetas mixtas. This was my first successful croquette cooking experience. I baked a potato in the microwave, allowed it to cool, then mashed the flesh with half-and-half, salt and parmesan cheese. In a gesture to the Spanish I even left out the black pepper (it will hurt your stomach you know). I formed loose balls with a #40 disher then stuffed them with all sorts of things we had littering the fridge: pepperoni, blue cheese, ham, mozzarella cheese, chopped jalapeño, etc. They were dipped in an egg wash then rolled in equal flour and panko bread crumbs. After a 10 minute rest into the oil they went. I probably wouldn’t have rested them, but the oil wasn’t up to temperature. They fried in 350° oil until golden brown and delicious.