Adobe Community Summit 2006

 I’m on my way back from the Adobe Community Summit – an event for User Group Managers and Community Experts. It was a phenomenal week of networking, learning more about the Adobe strategy and product lines, and training. After going through two days of Flex training I’ve got to say Flex is absolutely going to rock the RIA world and when Apollo comes along the desktop environment.

Monday night I ate dinner with my dad at Loft – a sort of mediteranean/american cafe. We sat on the rooftop patio which was great. As hot as it is in San Jose right now it’s nothing like the heatwave in Missouri. I ordered the chicken parmesan which was breaded with panko bread crumbs. After using them for the croquettes I’ve decided that anything that is fried is better with the super crispy panko.

Tuesday several of us went to Tied House – a local microbrewery. The beer was good, but not exceptional the food however was pretty good. I had their game burger which was buffalo. The fries were your standard variety bar & grill french fry – nothing special.

Thursday night was Indian night at Tandori – a small, almost hole in the wall establishment on 1st street behind the  Fairmont. The food was outstanding, the prices are great with large portion sizes. It’s done in a quick service style which actually works pretty well.

Friday a group of us went to Bella Mia and celebrated Joey’s birthday. Several people had suggested Bella Mia, but I wasn’t very pleased with it. I ordered grilled lamb which was served with creamed corn and a potato goat cheese gallete. The food was good, but not worth the price. I’m curious how it is for lunch.

I wish I’d gotten to eat at E&O Trading Company, but I think I’ll be coming to San Jose more often in the next couple of years so there’s always more opportunities.