Long Rides

One thing I really like about biking is taking long rides. I haven’t done any in quite awhile, but today I pushed myself a bit further than I probably should have with the amount of riding I’ve been doing lately. Until today I’ve ridden about 35 miles a week on average for the past 3-4 weeks. This includes 8-10 mile rides and the occasional commute to work (2 miles each way). The longest ride I’ve done recently was about 12 miles last Monday night. Today I left our house near Second Baptist and rode to the South Creek Trail, out to Wilson’s Creek, back to the Sequiota Trail and the James River Trail connector, then back home for a grand total of 30.33 miles. I did the ride in 2h15m with an average speed of 13.5mph. My legs were like jello towards the end of the ride which led to a pedal related mishap that resulted in me and the bike hitting the ground at a stop light.

I’ve done the South Creek Trail ride several times in the past. It will be quite awhile before I decide to tack on an extra nine miles again.