Washington Round Up – Day 2/3

Tuesday we went to the Zoo, National Cathedral, and wandered around the Adams Morgan neighborhood. I think zoos seem much larger when you’re a kid. Overall I was disappointed with the National  Zoo experience. I don’t think it was much better than any of the large zoos in other major cities around the country (St. Louis for example — maybe even KC). The one distinguishing factor is the giant panda family. We got a great opportunity to see the pandas outside. The adults were very active and the baby was sleeping in a tree.

After the zoo we walked to Adams Morgan for lunch at the Amesterdam Falafelshop. I promise there will be restaurant writeups, but  I’m saving those for easy blogging in the next two weeks (some are already written and scheduled). Adams Morgan seems like a neat neighborhood – I’ll probably go back on Saturday.

Saturday afternoon was occupied by our misguided attempts to get to the National Cathedral. It took us over an  hour from Adams Morgan. I’ve thought the cathedral was cool ever since I first visited it when I was younger – it’s even cooler after having visited some of the  large cathedrals in Europe.