Agrario: Mmmmm

Last weekend Sarah and I met several of her coworkers for drinks at Bodega and dinner at Agrario. I have to say the food in Eric’s restaurants never disappoints. I had the pan seared dover sole, which was served with an onion quiche. I’ve had sole before, but this was probably the best. It was tender and moist. I think many times it’s easy to overcook a flat-fish like sole. The quiche was an interesting side — not something I would have personally picked, but still good. Sarah had the lobster and crab lasagna. The alfredo sauce for this dish is slightly sweet and matches perfectly with the crab and lobster.

I’ve been wanting to try the Sunday brunch at Agrario. I’ve also been wondering if they would do a chef’s tasting menu. I think it would be both a lot of fun and incredibly delicious.