Dinner with the Kirks

Last night Sarah and I had dinner with Steve and Tammy Kirks. Some watching of the Olympics and BBQ. Steve provided some outstanding brats from Wisconsin. We simmered them in onions and beer before tossing them on the smoker. Sarah and I provided some ribs, beans, fries, and smoked salmon spread. I figure if I’m firing up the smoker I may as well make it worth while. Yesterday’s smoke wood of choice was apple. I thought it brought a nice sweetness to everything left to soak it up. The brats were some of the best sausage I’ve had – obviously from a high quality butcher. Something I really wish we had in Springfield.

As Steve pointed out in his post about the dinner we watched the Olympics on the DVR. Sarah and I realized the true joy of time shifting during the last Summer Olympics. It has held true this winter.  Check back tomorrow for the smoked salmon spread recipe.