Sarah and had the opportunity to eat at Tasia for the second time last night. Once again the food was outstanding. I’ve decided that restaurant reviews really require two visits (or at least different entrees to be fair). Last time we went with our friend Katie, this time it was just us.

Tasia, which has the slogan a taste of asia, offers a variety of foods from southeast Asia. You can find Thai curries, Chinese food, and even Springfield originals like cashew chicken on the menu. Tasia however isn’t cheap chinese food. It’s not expensive, but it also isn’t your $3 combo plate restaurant. In our two visits we’ve had the Thai grilled chicken, the Pad Thai, the Spicy Chicken, and the Thai Red Curry. If you couldn’t guess, we like Thai food and haven’t found any that is really good here in Springfield. All of the entrees we’ve had at Tasia we’re great. I’d even go so far as to say they are Thai Trailer good (a mobile trailer that served the best Thai food I’ve ever had at a state park near Columbia. The crab rangoon, like all crab rangoon in Springfield, doesn’t have even a hint of crab flavor. The best part though is that a spicy dish is actually spicy. I regularly order things “extra spicy” only to be disappointed at other restaurants. At Tasia the regular spiciness is not overpowering but you know there is some heat.

There still seems to be a timing issue with the kitchen and the wait staff. I watched several tables be partially served, wait 5-6 minutes then get another set of entrees.

Overall Tasia is well worth a visit (and many return visits). Even though its location on S. Campbell isn’t the most convenient it’s worth driving past the other oriental food to get there.