MAX 2005 – Anaheim

I’ve been getting ready to leave for a week of learning, networking, and fun at what will probably be the last Macromedia conference. I’ve been going to Macromedia conferences for years (several in San Francisco, New York, Salt Lake City, New Orleans, etc) — actually the only one I’ve missed in a LONG time was the Orlando one after the Allaire merger.

I’m hoping that this will be a great conference. I’m especially excited about the Flash platform (mainly FlexBuilder 2 aka Zorn) and Flash Lite — I’ve got a Flash enabled phone now.

I’m also hoping there will be some good Southern California food to be consumed. If you have SoCal eateries to suggest let me know. I’m mainly going to be in Anaheim and Orange County, but I may have a car so LA isn’t out of the question. I’m pondering trying to find some good BBQ.