The Shed


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Today for lunch we took the advice of Ranse (one of the partner’s at Sarah’s firm) and several people we spoke to in Santa Fe and had lunch at The Shed. The Shed is famous for northern New Mexican cuisine, particularly using red chiles. The Shed has been a Santa Fe establishment since 1953.

The atmosphere like most things we’ve found in Santa Fe is incredibly laid back. The main restaurant is located in the back portion of a building (there is seating in the courtyard).

For lunch today we had what will be the first of several green chile stews (a write up of all of them will happen later), chips with salsa and the best guacamole I’ve had, and carne adovada.

Carne adovada is a dish of slow stewed pork cooked in a red chile sauce. It was served with rice, beans, posole (a pork and hominy stew), and a cheese enchilada with a blue corn tortilla. In keeping with The Shed’s long tradition this was served with toasted french bread. The bread was actually a great accompaniment as it was the only thing on the plate that wasn’t spicy.