If you’re sick and tired of the crap movies that get shown at the cineplex there is one easy solution, The Moxie. Sarah and I went to last night and had a great time. I’d wanted to go opening night but with things at church and figuring the theater would be swamped we decided opening weekend was good enough. The Moxie is a theater like Springfield has never seen.

I’ve always been a fan of lesser-known films. In high school I spent most of my movie budget at the Tivoli. When The Ragtag opened in Columbia I was excited. The Ragtag experience though leaves something to be desired. The more I’ve learned about The Moxie the more excited I am to support it. Dan and Nicole have built a real theater with the Moxie unlike Ragtag where it seems thrown together and you sit on furniture that feels like it was collected from the curb the Moxie has real (albeit old) movie seats. The Moxie unlike every other theater in town also has leg room — a welcome, and comfortable feature. When you enter the Moxie you feel like you’re going to the movies in the era of big theaters — you are greeted by a collage of movie images and the hallway is lined with local art.

Theaters die without concession sales and the Moxie has one of the best selections I’ve seen. They serve popcorn with 10 different flavored toppings, classic movie theater candy, and high quality soda. The Moxie is also the only theater in town where you can get beer or wine to go with your movie. Sarah and I enjoyed the popcorn with white cheddar topping and both drank cream sodas. My only real complaint would be a situation Dan is aware of, the lack of cupholders on the seats.

Currently the Moxie is showing Me and You and Everyone We Know next week they’ll open Murderball. I didn’t know anything about the movie before we went to see it last night but it’s great fun and certainly worthy of the awards it has won. I’m excited to see Murderball, which means that the Moxie will get me in the doors for their first two official films. I know there are plans to show cult classics like Office Space as well that will be a huge hit in the college town. I hope Dan can also be convinced to show some classic films that we don’t have the opportunity to see on a big screen in Springfield.

If you haven’t been to the Moxie you should certainly go soon and go regularly. Oh, and buy some snacks.