Blackberry pie and other farm goodness

There is nothing quite as tasty as a blackberry pie made from berries picked a few hours earlier. Except perhaps when that pie is served with ice cream (homemade if possible).

Sarah’s grandparents live on a farm south of Purdy, MO (about an hour from Springfield). It used to be a dairy farm, but they’ve retired and now they just have about a hundred stock cattle. That still sounds like quite a bit of work for retirement, but it is a lot easier than dairy. They also have the huge garden which makes for excellent meals in the summer (and from canned items throughout the rest of the year).

We went to visit them this weekend along with her parents, her sister Mary, and Scott (Mary’s boyfriend). I always feel like we overindulge when we go to the farm, but how can you not eat when everything is at the peak of freshness. We had three meals of summer farm goodness each one leaving us full and happy. While it’s a bit repetitive I think I could eat sweet corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, and green beans fresh from the garden with every meal.