Seasons on the Square — Gallatin, MO

Gallatin, MO is a town of approximately 1,800 people located in the absolute middle of nowhere in Northwest Missouri. It is about 30 minutes from Chillicothe (where my wife’s parents live). You wouldn’t expect to find an outstanding restaurant in a town like Gallatin, but stranger things have happened.

Seasons is owned and run by Sheryl Warren and Julie Critten, two school teachers in Gallatin. They had been doing catering projects together and the restaurant seemed like a logical next step in their hobby. The restaurant is only open on Fridays and Saturdays which makes sense given the duo’s day jobs.

The food at Seasons is exceptional. I’ve eaten there several times in the past few years and never been disappointed. The artichoke cheese dip is a must have as an appetizer. It is served in piping hot in a toasted bread bowl. My guess is that it includes mozzarella, parmesan, and asiago cheeses (but they won’t share the secret). The other must have at Seasons is the garlic smashed potatoes. They’re made with a lot of garlic, butter and most likely cream (quite tasty). I’ve never been disappointed with the entrees at Seasons. Last night I had their special which was a slow cooked brisket that just melted in my mouth. Last night Sarah had the sea bass which was good, but overpriced at $24. Sarah also likes the black bean and sweet potato burrito served with homemade tortilla chips and salsa. We’ve also been pleased the steaks and the pork chops that are now available as either a single or double chop order — which is a great deal, but two eight ounce chops is a lot of food.

If for some bizarre reason you’re near Gallatin, MO on a Friday or Saturday night you can’t beat Seasons.