Once again I realize I’ve not been posting

It’s been over a month since my last posting. I’d say that the posting will increase, but I can’t say that conclusively. I’ve had blog topics in my head for a bit and just not written them, here’s a summary of the past month all in one post.

I haven’t been cooking much lately. Sarah takes care of most of the daily cooking (I like to make things that are too extravagant).

I think I may start baking again though. We did a cookie bake off with Steve and Tammy Kirks a few weeks ago where I further revised my chocolate chip cookie recipe. I didn’t take any notes while I was making them so a recipe won’t be too accurate. I think this weekend I’ll try to recreate them and keep notes so I can post the recipe.

I spent the weekend of the 22nd in Columbia for WOW — the Missouri United Methodist Conference Youth’s Winter Outreach Weekend. We brought in David Burke as the main speaker, Bean & Bailey as the entertainment, and worship music was lead by Harvest Ministries. It was a great weekend, not much in the way of food though.

We ate dinner last weekend at Fish, James Clary’s new restaurant in town. I was very impressed with the quality of the food and the dining experience for the price. Everybody else seemed to love their food although I did have a couple of negative elements in my meal. I started with the raw oysters which were excellent, but there were bits of shell in almost every piece (not the best shucking in the world) and the cocktail sauce left something to be desired (not very spicy). I ordered one of the fresh fish entrees (sorry to say I don’t remember what fish exactly) and it was delicious until I hit the raw center (it should have been cooked medium). Our waiter offered to bring me a new piece but I had more food than I should eat on my plate already and was able to eat around the raw portions of the fish easily — it probably doesn’t hurt that I love sushi so I wasn’t disgusted with the fish, just a bit surprised. The side dishes were outstanding though I highly recommend their vegetable medley and the twice baked potato. All things said I’ll absolutely eat at Fish again.

So that’s only three summarized entries, but I really can’t type much more right now. I do promise another entry this afternoon.