Small Electrics Part 2: BroilKing Griddle

The newest addition to our kitchen is a BroilKing Griddle that I got for my birthday. I know it’s been over a month since my birthday, but you just don’t have griddle using occasions every day. Let me just say that this griddle is FANTASTIC (it should also be noted that it is the same griddle used in the Good Eat’s Episode “The Man Food Show”). If you don’t have a griddle you should consider getting this one.

The first test was burgers which came out quite well, but we mixed a sweet bbq sauce into the meat and it burned fairly nicely onto the griddle making clean up painful.

Since the burnt sugar incident I discovered that even though the griddle is non-stick you really still need to season it. After seasoning nothing seems to stick. I’ve had great success with eggs (although I still can’t flip over easy on the griddle — that stays in the pan), pancakes, grilled sandwiches, and quesadillas.

I know you’re probably thinking that $100 is a lot of green to spend on a griddle, but you should know that the difference between a quality griddle and cheap one is night and day. The griddle is heavy cast aluminum and has a large, powerful (I think 1400 watt) heating element. I’m guessing this thing will last a LONG time. The best part about this griddle is that if you remove the thermostat it is completely submersible making cleaning easy. Broil King says it can be run through the dishwasher, but I hesitate to do that.

If your in the market for a griddle, this is a nice one. Stay tuned tomorrow for my favorite winter small electric (and a cookbook).