Richard’s Hawgwild BBQ

I finally feel like I’ve found good BBQ in Springfield, MO. I haven’t tried everything yet, but so far I am impressed with Richard’s Hawgwild BBQ. This is an extension of a restaurant in Aurora (they also have a location in Monett). The Springfield location is in the Village Mart gas station at Plainview and South Campbell (the gas station is actually a plus for me with regard to BBQ — note Oklahoma Joe’s).

They have a great lunch special that includes a sandwich (served Memphis style with cole slaw), chips, and a drink for $4.25. I added beans for an extra $0.50. All told lunch was under $6 – what a deal.

I’ve been disappointed with all of the barbecue in Springfield, but this is not the case at Hawgwild. It wasn’t the best pork I’ve ever head it was quite good. The meat maintains a steady smokey flavor and is very tender — good enough to not require sauce (the true test of good bbq). Hawgwild has two sauce options a mild sauce (which was served with the sandwiches) and a spicy variety that I didn’t get to try but was available for sale along with a rub and various pickled items. The beans are as good as any place I’ve had them. They’re both sweet and tangy and includes generous portions of smoked meat. I was disappointed that I couldn’t purchase a single rib, so I’ll have to judge those on another visit.

Hawgwild also does catering and will even smoke your own meat for a dollar per pound. Overall, good bbq.