And this time I mean it

In my blogging slackitude I’ve neglected to post on several topics over the past few weeks. I’m going to do a brief catch up here and then return to more regular posting. My goal is go to no more than a week without a post. That should be easy for a while as I’ve been thinking, “I should blog this,” and then slacking.

Here’s the catch up:
Still at MAX in NOLA: dinner at Red Fish (soft shell crab, great 15 year old Oban), Macromedia party at Mardi Gras World (not too bad, but the food was lame), post MGW Brennan sings karaoke (and is actually not too bad), Palace Cafe (great duck dish and excellent turtle soup), the horrors of standby flights trying to get home a few hours earlier was only made better by the excellent muffuletta I brought with me from Central Grocery.

Back home and recovered from the binge that is MAX, fast forward a few weeks. I discover I’ve got mono. I’d been feeling lackluster for a while and I think the conference exhaustion pushed me over the edge.

We had Thanksgiving at our house for my family. We got a bit overzealous in the turkey brining — just a tip, if you start brining on Monday you’ll have a very salty turkey. Turkey hotline tip on Wednesday, buy a new turkey. The second turkey brined overnight and was perfect. Turkey, zucchini stuffing, mashed potatoes, praline sweet potatoes, green beans, corn pudding, fresh rolls, pecan and pumpkin pies. Mmmm good.

Saturday Steve Kirks and his wife Tammy had us over for their annual holiday wine tasting. Each couple brings a bottle of wine, they get put into paper sacks, tasted and rated from 1-5. At the end of the night the ratings are summed and the high score in white and red categories each get a prize. We didn’t win, but came in 6th (top half of the pack) in the red category with a Cynthia from Augusta (a Missouri winery) that buys their grapes from Sarah’s uncle Gene.

Okay, all caught up. Now to avoid the slackitude, and this time I mean it.