SGF Wifi & TSA Searches

I’m currently enjoying the free wifi network at the Springfield-Branson airport. I’ve got to say this is a much better experience that going flying out of a bigger airport (and a nicer airport than Columbia).

Most people seem to be sailing from check-in to the gate in about five minutes. I was unlucky enough to be one of the “randomly” selected people for full checks. Possibly because I’m not checking any bags?

So the TSA needs a bit of a wake up call when it comes to people with orthopedic implants. I’ve got four screws and two plates in my spine from breaking my back about 10 years ago. They don’t set off the standard metal detectors, but the hand wands sure go crazy over my back. The search I was subjected to was one step shy of a strip search.

I’m glad this didn’t happen in a major airport and I think I may check my bags on the way back.

All that aside I’m about 30 minutes from my flight to Dallas and then 4.5 hours from New Orleans. I’ve got several hours of television on the tibook and a bunch of candy to make the trip more enjoyable.

Next post, NEW ORLEANS!