Strawberry Tarte


We had some new friends from church over for dessert and games last weekend. We realized that we don’t have the phone numbers of too many people in Springfield (probably only 4-5 people we’ve met here).

I’m a pastry fiend. If I ever decided to go to culinary school it would be for training in bread and pastry making. I’ve been wanting to bake a tarte for quite some time now but things have been too crazy with the move. Last weekend was the first time I felt really settled and took the time to bake.

There wasn’t any good fruit at the farmer’s market, which should have told me fresh fruit tart season was over, but I settled for grocery store strawberries (from California — bad Kerner). They were still pretty good. I used a recipe for a free form tarte from Nick Malgieri but decided to put it in the tarte pan instead. It also reminded me that I need to get some individual tarte pans. Overall I’m pleased with the result, especially the shiny glaze.