Free iPODs

On a tip from Jeff over at Vacant Canvas (link). I’ve gone and started my quest for a free iPod. You can get one too. I saw this a few weeks ago and thought it had to be too good to be true, but several sites that I read have commented on actually receiving the free iPod.

Here’s the deal. You follow the links from this page, sign up, and complete one of the offers. Then you convince five other people to do the same thing. The offers are fairly easy. Things like sign up for a free AOL trial or join Infone. Both of these require a credit card number, but are easily cancelled once your offer has shown up at the free iPod site. In the past they’ve had an ebay offer that didn’t even require a credit card.

I used the AOL deal, signed up, waited for the free iPod site to show my offer was completed, then called AOL and cancelled the service. No Risk! No credit card charges!

As far as I can tell there is only one catch. You have to use a real email address — that means no yahoo, hotmail, or gmail accounts. It also means you have to use an address that can get spammed (because it will). I signed up a new email account on my domain and have started to receive 5-10 spam messages a day. I figure once I get the free iPod I’ll disable the account and the spam will just bounce.

Also something is strange with the site and Firefox. Use another browser to register.

I’ll keep everybody up to date on the process. If you complete a registration for me make a comment including your referral link. When I get 5 completions I’ll start referencing other people. There’s no reason a bunch of us can’t get free iPods.