Kerner on Food Comment Advertising Policy

I’ve had advertising on this blog in the past. Heck, the Powell’s links on the home page are technically advertising. The AdSense ads were clearly advertising. Sometimes my posts border on advertising. Site comments are not, nor have they ever been advertising. The legitimate ads on this site (Google, Powells, my posts) are fundamentally different from comment advertising. They are in place because I put them there. Furthermore they provide me with financial benefit or they are products I truly believe in supporting.

All this said I have deleted over 1000 comment spams in the past week and today I’m pleased to announce a Comment Advertising Policy to either compensate me or stop the ads. My site doesn’t show comments until I approve them. This means that all the comment spamming in the world doesn’t do a bit of good to the spammer, er advertiser. In order to solve what would be a problem for both me and the spammers I’ve instituted the following Comment Advertising Policy:

1. Advertising is: 1) any comment post made that is not directly related to the content of the original post 2) any comment made by a person that does not have an easily explainable connection to or Matt Kerner 3) any comment that is submitted using an automated comment submission tool.

2. Advertising submission rate: $250/ad nonrefundable. There is no maximum fee so if you place 100 ad comments you will be billed $25,000. This is not a display rate, it is for submission of each ad to the site. The cost is $250/ad submission regardless of the display status of your advertising. There are no additional charges for ad display.

3. Upon payment of the advertising submission fee your ad will be reviewed for display. If your ad is approved it will be displayed on the site. If your ad is rejected it will be deleted. No portion of your submission fee will be refunded.

4. Ad submissions not followed by payment of the advertising submission fee will be deleted and the accounts will be referred to collections. Collection will be enforced to the fullest extent of the law against: 1) the registrant of the domain used in the ad link 2) the registrant of any domain directed to by the ad link.

By submitting an advertising comment to Kerner on Food you agree to pay the $250 nonrefundable advertising submission fee. You agree that this fee does not guarnatee display of your advertising. You agree that this Agreement shall be subject to and construed by the laws of the State of Missouri and that any action in regard to the Agreement including an action to enforce or construe this Agreement shall be brought in the Circuit Court of Greene County, Missouri.


Use the button below to make payments related to this agreement.