Moving to Springfield, MO

Moving day is fast approaching. The bar exam is next week and we’ll be moving on Friday, July 30th. Even though posting is generally sparse it may be more so for the next few weeks.

While I absolutely HATE moving, I’m actually quite excited about the move. It means that there will be a lot of new restaurants to try, a new kitchen, a patio (we don’t have one in the current duplex).

Our lease on the house started on the 15th so we took a load of fragile items down last weekend. Unfortunately the house wasn’t ready yet — new carpet had been installed and it wasn’t cleaned up, the cleaning people hadn’t been through the bathrooms, etc. We were completely horrified by it and decided to take our stuff to one of Sarah’s uncle’s garages. Luckily she has several uncles who live in Springfield. The rental folk apologized for the inconvenience and are taking a week off our August rent because it wasn’t ready. This weekend I’m taking down more fragile stuff and enough to have a functional office on moving day. I’m hoping to also get the surround sound set up and all of the other boxes unpacked. Sarah will be studying for the bar, ugh.

On a side note I got a new car about a month ago and it’s great. It’s a Chevy Malibu MAXX. It’s a hatchback version of the Malibu (similar in looks to the Saab 9-3). It’s very fun to drive and amazing for packing as all but the driver’s seat fold down. Last night I was able to get an 6′ folding table into the car without any trouble at all. With two car loads (one including Sarah and the dog) we’ve been able to move all of our fragile stuff (dishes, decorations, pictures, etc). It’s also very fun to drive.