Lack of blogging

I’m not sure if anybody still reads this blog. I know that the page views have gone down substantially. If anybody wonders it’s because I’ve been overly busy at work lately. We’ve adjusted our strategy to focus more on knowledge management rather than just training. The Educara web site has also gotten quite a makeover. I’m actually excited about this update. It is completely designed in CSS (no tables!).

I’m still cooking, although it’s more regular food. Over the weekend I did get a chance to cook. We had friends over for dinner which prompted a bit more cooking than normal. I made a slow cooked chicken and mushroom dish in a cream sauce. It was accompanied by roasted asparagus, salad, and a nice rustic bread.

The blogging shall resume (this time I mean it), but it may not always be food centric. I probably should change the title of the blog.