Owned by Lucas Arts

Every so often I do a whois on to see if it has recently expired and I might be able to snatch it up. Imagine my surprise this morning when I noticed that it has a new owner. Until recently it had always been owned by some insurance like organization (the Kerner Insurance Group or something similar). Today the whois returns:

LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC
Host Master
P.O. Box 10307
San Rafael, CA 94912
Phone: 415-472-3400
Email: hostmaster@LUCASFILM.COM

Registrar Name….:
Registrar Whois…:
Registrar Homepage:

Domain Name: KERNER.COM

Created on…………..: Mon, Feb 10, 1992
Expires on…………..: Fri, Feb 11, 2011
Record last updated on..: Sat, May 01, 2004

It’s also interesting that the name servers in use are and

I wonder what’s going on here? Hmm. Anybody else know?