Aside from having been really busy lately and having no end in sight (we actually realized that we’ve already booked up all the weekends in April, ugh), I’ve not been cooking as much as I would like.

That came to an end last night. We recently received a 7.5qt Le Crueset dutch oven as the final remainder of Williams-Sonoma credit from our wedding (almost three years ago). It’s innaugural dish was a jambalaya to make any cajun proud, even though it wasn’t quite authentic.

I couldn’t find any good red pepper so I just used green and it still came out okay. Sarah also doesn’t like the texture of shrimp in this kind of food (usually paella at our house), so I opted to go without the shrimp. I did use a shrimp broth for about half of the water though. For meat we used a turkey smoked sausage (no andouille in our neck of the woods), cubed chicken, and some great local ham from Burger’s Ozark Smokehouse.