Still alive

I’m still alive, I’ve just been swamped at work, church, and other duties. This afternoon I also got hit by a comment spammer. I’ve been going through everything and turning off comments and deleting the ads. I have also finally upgraded to MT 2.661. I’m going to leave comments on for a few posts just to see if the upgrade is effective.

I’ve also had a dearth of baking lately. My batch of starter went bad over the weekend. I had to help at a statewide event we took our church youth group too last weekend. It went very well even though it got cut short by icy weather. Of course I was supposed to have fed the starter on Friday, but didn’t manage to look at it until Sunday afternoon and saw a nice development of mold on the top.

I’m going to try a few original recipes this weekend, but Sunday will be dedicated to getting ready for a UMYF Super Bowl Party Sarah and I are hosting for the kids at our house.