Updated Design & New Project

I’ve updated the design of the blog in preparation for a new project I’m going to be starting after Christmas. The project will entail a cooking extravaganza and Sarah tells me that I can’t really extend beyond our normal food budget so it’s going to take awhile.

You can help support the effort by buying something from the great folks at Powell’s Books and by clicking on any ads that I may end up putting on the site.

I have to wait until after Christmas before I can fully divulge the project details. I can’t go into it yet because it involves the Christmas gift I bought for myself. Why you may ask did I buy a gift for myself? Well let’s just say it’s one of my mom’s wacky holiday ideas, buy a gift for yourself then we’ll play 20 questions. Like I said, one of my mom’s wacky holiday ideas. It’s all part of the Iowa Christmas fun.