Get to your sessions early

So the keynote ran about 20 minutes long which delayed a lot of people in getting to the first session. As a User Group manager we were sitting in the first 5 rows, which made leaving early absolutely impossible. About 25 people who had preregistered for a CSS Navigation session got closed out because “the session is full and has to start on time.” The advice of the conference employee was to see the session at another time.

Of course many of us have full schedules (through preregistration) which means that I’m sitting in the cybercafe now trying to revamp my entire conference schedule.

Which leaves me with three questions:
1. Why did I bother to preregister for sessions if I’m going to get closed out?
2. How much of my investment in MAX will be wasted due to closed sessions?
3. How much of my preregistered schedule will be worth anything? Right now I think the answer to this is the one hands-on session I’m scheduled for.