Felini — Ack

Okay, it’s been a while since this debacle, but I still wanted to write about it. A few weeks ago Sarah’s parents were in town were staying the night before the Saturday MU Homecoming football game against Texas Tech (a blowout by the way). So we decided to try Felini, a new restaruant in town.

First some background information. We really liked the restaurant (Le Petit Bouchon) that had previously occupied the space temporarily filled by Felini. Driving past the restaurant looked quite nice, although we thought it might also be pricey. Boy were we wrong.

Walking into Felini is an eye opening experience. The walls are pink, and not some nice pale pink, they’re scare your retinas bright pink. The decor overall seemed fairly upscale (nice furniture, table decorations, etc.), but then there was the large illuminated beverage cooler in the middle of the room. The tables also had cloth napkins serving as a base for paper napkins with flatware rolled inside them — an interesting juxtaposition.

The menu was almost entirely items we would have made at home: sandwiches, salads, pastas, pizza. The only thing seemingly unique were the pizzas. Everybody ordered a salad. Lou had the spaghetti with marinara sauce, Sarah got a small pepperoni pizza, and Robert and I split a Felini pizza (basically a supreme from any other pizza place).

We decided that the kitchen at Felini is run by children with no restaurant experience. There is no semblance of any type of line for timing or quality control. Ten minutes after ordering Lou’s pasta arrived. BEFORE THE SALADS! I tried to make her send it back, but she didn’t want to do it. Our waitress explained that it was because they made the salads by hand, as if other restaurants make salad by machine. Five minutes later the first salad arrived, not all of the salads, just the first. The remainder of the salads arrived in a few minutes (one at a time).

The salads were actually fairly good. An asortment of vegetables that were quite fresh (shocking for Missouri in October), olives, and feta cheese.

After the salads came the pepperoni pizza. We all shared it because there seemed to be no sign of the other pizza. After about more waiting (nearly 30 minutes) we decided that if they pizza wasn’t at the table in 2 minutes we were leaving. It showed up just in time (although we were all fairly disgusted). Robert and I each ate a piece and boxed the rest up.

I give it until Thanksgiving.