Vegas Baby

I spent about 24 hours in Vegas this week for work (flew out Wednesday, back on Thursday). I lament that my awareness of budget didn’t allow for a tasting menu at Aureole or Renoir, but nearly $200 for dinner and wine was just too expensive for a meal eaten alone.

I opted for the buffet at the Bellagio. Not haute cuisine, but quite good. First, let me say that I was quite disturbed by how many people eat. I cannot imagine filling a plate so full it threatens to unload itself on the floor as you carry it to your seat. This behavior was fairly common though, plates overflowing with various meats or seafood.

My dinner consisted of several small courses (so I had to get them myself, it’s kind of a tasting menu): heirloom tomato salad with walnuts and balsamic reduction, assorted olives; very small portions of roasted lamb, swordfish, and elk with new potatos and asparagus; some sushi — california rolls and one with cured salmon; a cheese plate (I was quite pleased with the cheese selection, about 8 different kinds); and an eclair for dessert with coffee.

The food was shockingly good for a buffet. Once I decided that I had to force myself to ignore the attrocity of other diner’s plates I had a nice dinner.

On my next trip to Vegas I’ll find a way to justify a nicer meal in a real restaurant.